We always customize our seminars to fit the need of the customer. Examples of popular topics include:

Pro-Active Customer Service

Fact 1: Customers only buy your product or service if they want it or need it.
Fact 2: Your product or service is not that different from those of your competition.
Fact 3: The difference is the experience you wrap around dealing with you.
How do you provide exceptional service with flair? – By keeping customers delighted enough in your service to keep them coming back. Issues related to creating and maintaining an image of excellence at an individual and organizational level will be covered in this seminar as well as quality service vs. good service.

Productive Team Building

T.E.A.M. (Together Everybody Achieves More)
It is a well-known fact that working together in the hospitality / service industry is a must if you want to succeed. Understanding the importance of cooperation and the basics of building a productive team puts you ahead of your competitor who hires based on the warm body syndrome: is it available and is it not overly offensive, we’ll take it. But it is not only managers who will benefit from this knowledge. Employees who are in direct contact with customers need the skills to work as a team and the ability to project the image of a productive team to customers and managers.

Suggestive Selling

Why sell a double room when you can sell a suite. Suggestive selling is the practice of influencing a customer’s purchase decision through the use of sales phrases. Almost any employee can use this sales technique in most areas of the hospitality industry. Suggestive selling responsibilities should be part of any employee’s job description and should not be perceived as an attempt to railroad customers into accepting something they really don’t want, rather it should be viewed as part of good service, a way to serve the best interest of the customer and make their visit more enjoyable.

Successful Special Event Management

Whether one is planning a small seminar, a board meeting, a large convention, or a major concert, there are several critical success factors involved. This seminar explores techniques involved in organizing any event for success: differentiating the important from the urgent and using available resources to create memorable events.

Telephone Etiquette

The Telephone Etiquette Seminar teaches telephone skills that improve response to your cross-sell, up-sell, and account development marketing efforts. Your staff learns the vital information --- and confidence --- they need to successfully combine sales and customer service. In one, four hour session, Global Hospitality Solutions helps your staff overcome their anxieties about telephone selling and teaches them the right way to guide guests to saying "yes". This specialized telephone skills training is ideal for anyone involved with customer service, account development, cross-selling, or up-selling.

I'd Rather Die Than Give A Speech

This step-by-step game plan will help anyone transform speechmaking from a teeth-chattering ordeal to a rewarding experience that can benefit their career and company. With practical tools and strategies for both preparing and presenting speeches.

Reverse Customer Service

We are a nation of wimps. As service providers we expect to give poor service. As customers we expect to receive bad service. We tolerate it. Then we pay for it. And then we whine.
You can get good service if you fight for it.
A revolution starts with a single individual.
In this 4 hour seminar you will learn how to fight back and how to get what you want. 


Change your life by becoming more mindful of your breathing. Learn how to improve your health by paying attention to the body. This practice can potentially add years to your life, and will certainly enhance the quality of your moments and your years.