Johnny O. Reinholdt, CHE, DAE, PID, DMATP.

President and CEO InterCator International

Johnny Reinholdt has more than 20 years experience in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. From Bellboy to Resident Manager, from Travel Agent to Conference Planner. He was educated at the universities in Strassbourg and New York and has worked and trained in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Africa, Italy, USA, and Canada.

Johnny Reinholdt is a Faculty Member of the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and a Certified Hospitality Educator.

In 2005 Johnny Reinholdt received the prestigious Lamp of Knowledge Award for Outstanding International Educator.

Johnny Reinholdt is a motivational speaker, workshop leader as well as a business consultant. His professional journey has taken him through the fields of business, essentially in the world of tourism and hospitality, with a focus on quality customer service, leadership and team development, food and beverage as well as all the other aspects of managing a hotel. Hospitality is not a profession for him; it is a way of life. His other passions include writing, acting and music. He is known as a coach and mentor who works with people to break through their internal barriers. He offers a fresh insight into the learning process.

A dynamic businessman and creative thinker, Johnny Reinholdt’s seminar style has been described as energetic, entertaining, and real world oriented with highly usable eye opening content.

Johnny Reinholdt, CHE has received the Lamp of Knowledge Award for Outstanding Educator from the Educational Institute American Hotel & Lodging Association. This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to hospitality education and whose efforts have consistently and exceptionally advanced hospitality professionalism. Johnny Reinholdt received this prestigious honor during the Las Vegas International Hotel & Restaurant Show at the Manadalay Bay Convention Center, April 27-28, 2005.

Anthony G. Marshall, president and CEO of the Educational Institute states, The Educational Institute exclusive Lamp of Knowledge Award is a symbol of discovery, of wisdom and of dedication and is reserved for those exceptional few who know the wonder of learning and who strive to light the way for those who follow. It shall therefore stand alone, gleaming atop its marble pedestal with neither inscription nor explanation for possession of the Lamp of Knowledge shall itself signify, to the entire hospitality industry, a deep love of learning and commitment to perpetual knowledge.

This remarkable award exemplifies Johnny's dedication to hospitality education and training.